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Birth control helps you to take charge of your health. Florida Woman Care of Jacksonville offers a wide range of birth control, including family planning services. Daniel McDyer, MD, and Julian Stephen Suhrer, MD, are experienced OB/GYNs who can help you explore your options and choose the method of contraception that's right for you. They also offer a wide range of wellness services, including routine pelvic exams and STD testing. The practice has two convenient locations in Jacksonville, Florida, making expert OB/GYN care always close by. Call today or schedule a consultation online.

Birth Control Q & A

What is birth control?

Birth control helps you prevent pregnancy or limit your family size. Today, women have many options for effective birth control. Most birth control methods aren't permanent and don't affect your future fertility. 

What are my options for birth control?

Every woman has unique health care needs. At Florida Woman Care of Jacksonville, Dr. McDyer and Dr. Suhrer can help you weigh the risks and benefits of each method of birth control. They guide you through the process of choosing the birth control that's right for you. 

Many birth control medications contain a balance of hormones. These hormones prevent you from becoming pregnant. Hormonal birth control methods include:

  • Pills
  • Patches
  • Shots or injections
  • Implants, including NEXPLANON®
  • Hormonal intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • Vaginal rings

Other options for birth control include:

  • Condoms
  • Diaphragms
  • Cervical caps

These methods don't affect your hormones. Instead, they work to prevent pregnancy by blocking sperm from reaching an egg. 

This type of birth control is often known as a barrier method. Barrier methods work well for women who can't tolerate hormonal medications. Non-hormonal IUDs are also available. 

Keep in mind that condoms are the only form of birth control that also protects against STDs. If you’re concerned about STDs, Dr. McDyer and Dr. Suhrer can help you learn how to protect yourself. The practice also offers STD testing and treatment.

What is permanent birth control?

If you've decided that future pregnancies aren't a part of your life's plan, you may want to consider a tubal ligation procedure at Florida Woman Care of Jacksonville. 

This type of sterilization surgery is extremely effective in preventing pregnancy. But it can't be reversed if you change your mind later. 

It's best to consider all your birth control options before undergoing sterilization. Dr. McDyer and Dr. Suhrer can guide you through this process. They provide all the data you need to make an informed decision about surgery.

How can I choose a birth control method that's right for me?

There are so many different options for birth control, and it can be hard to know which one is best for you. But at Florida Woman Care of Jacksonville, you don't have to make these decisions alone.

During your visit, Dr. McDyer or Dr. Surher sits down with you to review all your options. They help you decide which methods of birth control can provide the results you're looking for. 

Their practice also offers a wide range of other women's health care services, including prenatal care and Pap smears. 

Need help with birth control or family planning? Call Florida Woman Care of Jacksonville or schedule a consultation online.