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Regular gynecological care is a vital part of keeping your body healthy. That's why Florida Woman Care of Jacksonville offers a full range of OB/GYN services. Daniel McDyer, MD, and Julian Stephen Suhrer, MD, provide compassionate, patient-focused care for women of all ages. They deliver well-woman exams, prenatal care, family planning, and more at their two Jacksonville, Florida, offices. The practice staff also provides comprehensive health screenings and lifestyle counseling. Let Dr. McDyer and Dr. Suhrer help you protect your health with a well-woman exam. Call today or schedule a consultation online.

Well Woman Exam Q & A

Why are well-woman exams so important?

Health problems can arise without warning. That's why regular physical exams are essential. Well-woman exams are particularly vital for protecting your long-term reproductive health. All women should visit their doctor at least once a year for this important health care screening.

During your well-woman exam, Dr. McDyer or Dr. Suhrer examine you to check for common health concerns. They also offer private consultations.

If you're curious about family planning, pregnancy, or lifestyle concerns, the practice staff can help. Your well-woman exam is the perfect time to ask questions and receive updated health information.

How often should I get a well-woman exam?

Most women should see their OB/GYN at least once a year for a pelvic exam and breast exam. But if you have certain chronic health conditions, you may need to see a doctor more often. 

You might also need specialized tests to screen you for serious health problems. Dr. McDyer and Dr. Suhrer can help you determine which exams and tests are right for you.

What happens during a well-woman exam?

On the day of your visit, a nurse shows you into a private room. Your nurse checks your weight, height, and blood pressure. You may need to provide a urine sample so staff can check for signs of infection. Next, you change into an examination gown. 

Dr. McDyer or Dr. Suhrer may need to gather more information about your medical history. They might ask questions about your medications, allergies, or menstrual cycles. This is the perfect time to report any new medical problems or symptoms. 

Your doctor then begins your physical exam, which includes checking your breasts for lumps or tenderness and a pelvic exam. 

Your doctor also presses gently on your stomach to feel for any abnormalities. They may also insert a speculum or gloved fingers into your vagina. 

This exam can help your doctor check for lumps or other changes. As part of your pelvic exam, you may also receive a Pap test. Pap tests help screen for cervical cancer.

Once your physical exam is over, your doctor provides any other health services you may need. They answer your questions and arrange for prescription refills if needed. The office staff then helps you organize any follow-up appointments or tests.

What other women's health services are available?

Florida Woman Care of Jacksonville offers a wide range of women's health services, including:

  • Family planning and birth control
  • Prenatal and postnatal care
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Vaccines and immunizations

The practice can also help you arrange other necessary tests or screenings, including:

  • Mammograms
  • Bone density tests
  • STD testing

Ready to schedule your next well-woman exam? Call Florida Woman Care of Jacksonville today or schedule a consultation online.