Virtual Visit or After Hours Care


Virtual Visits with Dr. Suhrer or Dr. McDyer

Important – this service is only available for current patients of our practice. Also, if you registered a virtual care account prior to April 27, 2020, you will need to register with our new platform via the below tabs. Thank you!

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. If you have an urgent medical problem and need to speak with one of our doctors via a virtual visit, simply click on the link below to create an account on our virtual care platform, fill out the requested information and then request a visit. If you have created an account with one of the doctors already and need to see the other doctor, you will need a different email address for your account with each doctor. You can easily create a new personal email account at Dr. McDyer provides the after-hours care.

You can use any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has a camera, microphone and an internet connection. If you are using an Apple product you must use the Safari browser to conduct the doctor visit. Google Chrome is the preferred browser on all other devices and may work on Apple desktops.) Apple devices (iPads, Apple laptops and iPhones) have disallowed cloud-based video connections through all browsers except Safari. However, you can use any other laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone with the Google Chrome browser. If prompted, be sure to enable your device’s camera and microphone. Do not close your connected browser link after you request the visit. That will cancel your visit request.

The system will text message you when the doctor starts your virtual visit and the system also text messages the doctor when you request the visit.

If neither doctor is available and this is an urgent medical issue, go to the ER, Labor and Delivery at Memorial Hospital (if you are greater than 20 weeks pregnant) or to an Urgent Care Center for evaluation.

To receive virtual care again in the future, just login to your account at using the appropriate email username that you previously used to see Dr. Suhrer or Dr. McDyer.

For a tutorial on how to use this valuable healthcare tool, go to to learn more.


Virtual visit with Dr. Suhrer After hours care or virtual visit with  Dr. McDyer


Virtual Visit with Dr. Suhrer

After Hours Care or Virtual Visit with Dr. McDyer

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